Be in the loop.

BLOOP is a family of products that utilizes NFC technology, to transfer contact info and documents effortlessly, with one boop of the other person’s phone. Some of them include: social media, websites, external links, presentations, phone number and mail.

Bloop card

What is bloop?

Bloop is a family of products that enables you to transfer contacts and data You want to, and present Yourself in the brightest light.

Fast and effective
Tap your Bloop card or tag to a phone and connect seamlessly.
The person you're sharing the contact to, doesn't need to have an app.
Share up-to-date information about yourself and your business, when it matters the most.

"Success is not what you know, it's who you know"

You'll know more with Bloop.

Be in the loop.

Bloop Standard
A perfect start.

A card with your info.

Contactless sharing

Bloop Premium
Ideal for business

Everything in Standard

Your name on the card

Your title on the card

Bloop guarantee

* Standard cards can be personalised with your name and title, for an additional charge.